In This Moment of Freedom - Volume 1


Poetry: A Soulful Expression

Through poetry, author Natalie Merritt-Broderick has been able to reflect on life in the most unique ways, inviting her heart to sing and her eyes to cry. For every crossed out word or crumpled piece of paper, her journey has graciously landed her In This Moment of Freedom. Her love for writing is lifelong, where she has created a world to disappear for a few moments or hours, knowing when she reappears, she’ll be one step closer to understanding the true meaning of life.  

Whether in joy or sorrow, Natalie is grateful for every last word.  

“Poetry allows you to be a lone bird flying in the sky while viewing the world and knowing with every part of your being that how you see it, is perfect.” - NMB 

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'If I don't know what is holding me back, I have no reason not to move forward.' Natalie Merritt-Broderick


Beautifully Written Poems - This may be the first book but I am sure it won't be the last.

 Thoroughly enjoyed the poems in Natalie Merritt - Broderick’s recently published book! While there were many reflections I could relate to , I especially liked ‘Abandonment’. When traveling near or far I love coming across old homes, buildings and barns. If only walls could tell us the stories of these abandoned structures! Overall, a great read Natalie - well done! I’m sure this is just the beginning for you! 

Audrey Cando

Great Purchase

This is a beautifully written book. The author is insightful and very talented! A great choice on my part to buy this book. 

Helen Raeside-Steffler

Reaches into your soul.

I have just finished reading Natalie's book and I was really not expecting the reaction I had. When you reflect on the words you have just read you realise that it is not just food for the brain, but food for the soul too. Natalie's writing just connects... a rare gift and I recommend "In This Moment of Freedom" to anyone who wants more than just a poetry book. Enjoy. 

Stephen A Walters

Insightful, Thoughtful, Soulful and Thought Provoking

I have just finished reading your book, cover to cover, and am blown away by what you have written.  In each chapter I found at least one piece that I could identify with and many which I knew who or what you were speaking about.  Your wording and phrasing is almost lyrical at times and cut, dry and to the point at others.  It is a book that I will refer to again and again as each piece expresses a thought and emotion that occurs once or several times in ones life. 

In This Moment of Freedom

A positively powerful read, totally relatable.  It’s as if Natalie gets inside your head and has lived your very own moments.   From her heart, she writes about issues we have all dealt with: love, loss, and of course, freedom, poems you will turn to time and again with life’s changing seasons.  Looking forward to the second volume! 

Teresa Brownel