In This Moment of Freedom - Volume 1


Poetry: A Soulful Expression

Through poetry, author Natalie Merritt-Broderick has been able to reflect on life in the most unique ways, inviting her heart to sing and her eyes to cry. For every crossed out word or crumpled piece of paper, her journey has graciously landed her In This Moment of Freedom. Her love for writing is lifelong, where she has created a world to disappear for a few moments or hours, knowing when she reappears, she’ll be one step closer to understanding the true meaning of life.  

Whether in joy or sorrow, Natalie is grateful for every last word.  

“Poetry allows you to be a lone bird flying in the sky while viewing the world and knowing with every part of your being that how you see it, is perfect.” - NMB 

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'If I don't know what is holding me back, I have no reason not to move forward.' Natalie Merritt-Broderick