Inspirational Creative Artist

As an Inspirational Creative Artist, I use all my talents to inspire others to seek out their creative gifts. I believe we are all gifted and through true connection with our soul, we can endeavour to be or do anything we set our minds to. May you find your talent through open awareness. 


Acrylic Pour Artwork

The world of art is full of many unusual ideas. I have chosen Acrylic Pours as mine. 

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Conversation Pieces

I create my artwork to inspire conversations. 

Unique Gifts

For the person who has everything or a unique gift that others won't have considered.


My World of Words

There is magic in capturing peoples attention with words. 

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Thoughts and Such

I write about topics I feel will resonate with others in the world.


My objective is to bring more happiness to the world, for one simple thought can make all the difference.


A Thousand Thoughts

One photograph can tell a story.

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From One Picture

Of the past, present or future. 

Black, White or Colour

And have me weave a tale that others would choose to follow.

About Me

The spirit of writing took hold at the young age of thirteen, while the creative artist and speaker in me truly started shining through in the last few years. My adventures have allowed me to reflect on what is truly important in my life and I want to show the world that it is possible to ‘Fly Be Free’. 

For me writing is truly a private journey. It has taken me to beautiful places where my ideas are allowed to flow freely. I write and speak from the heart in order that I can connect with others in a more positive way.

I live with my husband in Melancthon, Ontario Canada, a place where inspiration runs wild and sunsets are a sight to behold.